High School AP Art

Students must be a senior in high school and obtain instructor approval to enroll in AP Art courses. 

High School AP Art

There are 3 options for an AP Portfolio in this course
1) AP 2-D Art and Design
2) AP 3-D Art and Design
3) AP Drawing Portfolio

All 3 contain 2 sections
1) Selected Works- Students will demonstrate a skillful synthesis of materials, processes and ideas.
2) Sustained Investigation- Requires students to conduct a sustained investigation based on questions, through practice, experimentation and revision.

*Both sections require students to articulate information about their work. 

Students earn a score for each section, and section scores are combined to produce an overall score that may offer opportunities for college credit &/or advanced placement. 

AP Student info sheet.pdf 
AP Drawing Syllabus.pdf
AP 2D Syllabus.pdf

Examples of AP Art Portfolios from the College Board can be found here.