Algebra 1

Horseshoe Bend School District #73

Algebra 1


Course Overview/Description:

This is a two semester course that covers using variables to write and solve equations (single variable, linear, quadratic, and exponential), simplify expressions and polynomials, graph equations, display and interpret data. Multiple strategies for solving equations will be introduced including graphing, substitution, elimination, factoring, completing the square, and quadratic formula. Linear and quadratic functions will be emphasized along with their relationship to real-world situations.


Adopted Materials:

Glenco Algebra 1; 2018


First Semester Timeline

Unit 0 –Intro to Algebra                             3 weeks

Unit 1 – Expressions and Functions             4 weeks

Unit 2 – Solve Equations                            3 weeks

Unit 3 – Linear and Non-linear Functions     3 weeks

Unit 4 - Linear Equations and Slope          3-4 weeks



Second Semester Timeline

Unit 5 – Linear Inequalities                        2 weeks

Unit 6 – Systems of Linear Equations          3 weeks

Unit 7 –Exponents Exponential Functions     3 weeks

Unit 8 –Polynomials                                  3 weeks

Unit 9- Quadratics                                    4 weeks

Unit 10 – Statistics                                  2-3 weeks

*Chapter 10 is included when time allows, but may be skipped if needed.