Classroom Guidelines and Expectations

Mrs. Riley

I expect that you will:

            - Be on time

            - Be prepared with pencil, notes, book, calculator, paper, and homework

            - Work cooperatively

            - Maintain a positive attitude

            -Respect your peers, teachers, property, and yourself.

            -Be responsible for your actions and their consequences.

No food or drink in the classroom, except water.

You will be allowed 3 passes to leave the classroom (to go to locker, bathroom,

 drink, etc) per semester.  Use them wisely!

No unapproved electronic devices.  Calculators must be separate from your phone or laptop.

This is going to be a crazy year with a lot of unknowns.  Please remember that communication is going to be very important.  Check your school email – especially if we have to change to remote learning or if you are quarantined.  Due dates will still be enforced during remote learning. 

All rules from your Student Handbook will be followed and enforced.

You will need:

  • 3 ring binder or notebook and a folder
  • pencil and eraser.
  • Calculator (I can check one out to you if you need one)

Please do all your work neatly in PENCIL so you can erase if you make a mistake!

You will need to keep a notebook with notes, homework, handouts, etc.  Be organized.  It will help you be successful in this class. You will also need to complete a journal assignment everyday.  This can be a separate section of your binder or a separate notebook.  These will also be graded.  This paper must be in your notebook – it is worth points.

 Any assignment not finished in class will become homework.  Homework will be checked the next class period unless otherwise stated.  You must show work on all assignments.  Homework is worth 10 points.  Points will be earned based on the percent correct.  90% or better is 10 points, 80-89% is 9 points, 70-79% is 8 points and so on.  Homework quizzes may be given each week.  Each homework quiz will have 6 points from questions similar to the homework and 4 points from problems on the homework assignment.  You must write down each problem on your homework and show your work to get credit for them and to be able to do the homework quiz questions.  You will use your assignment to complete your homework quiz, but not your book. 

Quizzes will be given about once per week.  Notes may be used on the quizzes unless otherwise stated.  You may only use your own handwritten notes.  Do not ask to get them out of your locker – bring them every day. 

If you are absent it is your responsibility to get the work that you missed.  Email me and check our online classroom to get assignments when you are out for an extended period of time.  You may also “attend” class virtually if you email me at least 30 minutes ahead of time to let me know.  I will set up a GoogleMeets call and you will be able to see the live lecture and ask questions.

Late homework will not be accepted

You may earn extra credit once each quarter.  Come see me outside of class time to get it.  All extra credit work must be turned in a week before the end of the grading period.

 Please see me outside of class time if you have an “extenuating circumstance.”