Middle School Art

  Welcome to Middle School Art! 
amazing artists amazing artists amazing artists


Course Description What are we going to do?
 In this course you will:
-Meet the State Standards for Art
-Study and use the Elements and Principles of Design
-Learn new media and techniques
-Study and critique famous artists and student work
-Study and use a variety of Artistic styles
-Study careers in Art
-Have Fun!
Grading -
Projects are worth 60% of your final grade for the course and are graded on the following criteria. (Each criteria is worth 20% of the grade for the project.)
Following Directions
Use of Techniques

-Tests and quizzes given throughout the course are worth 20% of your final grade for the class. Writing assignments are test grades.

-Students are required to keep a sketchbook of assignments throughout the semester, this will be turned in to me periodically and is worth 20% of your final grade for the course.

Make up work
Students are allowed two school days for every one day absent before an assignment is considered late. Assignments lose 10% for every day they are not turned in.



Middle School Students-  start your artist research here.   These 3 links are a great starting point for finding and researching new artists. 

Artist Biographies
Art cyclopedia