Elementary Art

Below are some links to help you on your artistic journey!  
Go make something amazing!  

questions, comments or concerns?  email me!  [email protected]

Kindergarteners and First Graders get to come twice a week to art class, 40 minutes each class.
Second through Fifth Graders get to come once a week, for 70 minutes.  

                           Elementary Art

M Tu W Th
12:45 - 1:25 K 1 K 1
1:35 - 2:45 2 3 4 5

Never be sick on art day or wear your
favorite new clothes, just in case.  :)

some "sus" sculptures from last year!

Attention future engineers!  
follow the links below to youtube tutorials for machine parts. 
make a pully machine
gears from cardboard
pully treadmill
bevel gear design