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Horseshoe Bend School District's mission is to foster a challenging educational environment where students become responsible, contributing citizens and life-long learners.

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Pre-school will be offered for four-year-old children starting September 22. Instruction will be two days per week, two hours per day.

If you attended the Mini Mustang Round-up last spring, you will be contacted by the school. 
Please contact Dennis Chesnut with questions.

Biking, advanced snowmobiles, other new recreation technology means new opposition to restrictive rules.

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For nearly seven years, Perks of Life in Eagle has operated like a traditional coffee shop. The owners recently adopted a new policy - letting customers pay what they want.

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If wildness trumps all other values in wilderness then many species that today depend on wilderness areas for habitat may disappear.

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The Ada County Highway District on Tuesday starts roadwork in Downtown Boise to convert five streets from one-way to two-way. Streets ACHD will converted from one-way to two-way include: 3rd…

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The forecast calls sunny skies and mild temperatures all week and through the weekend.

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   VB at Tri-Valley - 6pm
   Sep 02 2014
   MS VB/FB at Notus - 5:30pm
   Sep 02 2014
   Photos - individual students, staff, student groups
   Sep 03 2014
   VB vs Liberty - 6pm
   Sep 04 2014


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