Horseshoe Bend Elementary School
New Teacher Spotlight

Merri Platt – Fifth Grade

I am so happy to be back in Idaho!  I grew up in Cambridge, Idaho with my Mom and Dad (who was a high school History teacher) and 2 brothers and 2 sisters. After I graduated from high school, I went to BYU-Idaho and received my associates in accounting. After that, I lived and worked in Mesa, Arizona for 11 years. For the last three years, I was able to go to Arizona State University where I earned my BA in Education and graduated in May 2017. I had the wonderful opportunity of student teaching in a 1st grade classroom for a full year which I loved. I decided after 11 years that I was done with really hot summers so I moved back to Idaho to be near my family and enjoy the 4 seasons of the year. I am so excited to be given the opportunity to teach at Horseshoe Bend and I am really excited to be teaching 5th grade! I look forward to the coming year and getting to know some great kids. I couldn't ask for a better place to start my teaching career! 

2017-18 School Year Supply Lists
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Supply List - Kindergarten.pdf
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Supply List - 2nd Grade.pdf
Supply List - 3rd Grade.pdf
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