English Skills 6

🙂Welcome 6th Grade Middle Schoolers! 🙂

(Updated 8/15/2023)

Course Description for English Skills 6:

In English Skills 6, the two main activities sixth graders do are spend time engaged in reading through the Accelerated Reading Program, and use NoRedInk to develop their grammar (mostly) and writing skills.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer-based program that helps monitor student practice and progress. It helps guide students to books that are not too easy, yet not too hard. Students take short quizzes after reading a book so that we know if the student understood the book.

NoRedInk helps students practice their grammar and writing skills, and provides adaptive, differentiated practice.

Material Expectations: Students are expected to have a school provided 3-ring binder (1 inch - not bulky & not fancy) that is to keep all of their papers in.  I will have subject dividers to share with students so they can keep their binders organized and divided into subjects. They should always be prepared  with two or more pencils (mechanical would be best). In addition, students should always have an AR book with them so they are prepared when it is “AR time,” or so they can engage in AR at any time throughout the day when they are finished with their “regular work.”

Blended Learning:

In English 6, blended learning will be used which combines online educational materials and online interaction with traditional classroom learning. The student has some control over time, place, path, or pace. For much of the online portion, Accelerated Reader and NoRedInk will be used.

Main Resources Used For Class:

Accelerated Reader - go to hsbschools.org, put your cursor on “resources and links,” then go click on “RenPlace Home Connect” to log in

NoRedInk - students will be given instructions on how to log in

MyPerspectives English Language Arts Grade 6 - textbook used for both English Skills 6 and English Applications 6


Students will need to do homework if they need more time at home in order to keep up in class. For example, students will be given some time during the school day to do their accelerated reading, but some will need to do reading homework if they are not getting enough reading completed at school. Everyone reads and completes tasks at their own rate, so some will definitely need to do homework at home.

(Turn this page over for more information on the backside.)

AR Expectations:

Each quarter, each student will be expected to earn 10 or more AR points as one of the 

assignments. This will go toward the overall English Skills 6 grade. For an example, if I set a 

student’s goal at 15 points, and they earn 15 of those 15 points, then they will end up with a 100% A. On the other hand, if the student has earned just 8 points by the end of the quarter, that would be 8 of 15 points equating to 53% F for the quarter. Make sense? The exact goal, or number of points, a student should earn each quarter will be announced at the beginning of each quarter.


Grades are not weighted in English Skills 6. A point system is used. Activities/assignments are assigned points based on the rigor of the task, etcetera.

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