Math 6

Updated 8/15/23
I am excited to announce that we will be using Into Math Grade 6 as our math curriculum in our math 6 class this school year (2023/2024)! The textbook was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2020.

Updated 8/15/23

Course Description for Math 6:

Students in the 6th grade use Into Math.  They journey through about five units that include about sixteen modules which are:

Unit 1 Number Systems and Operations

Module 1 Integer Concepts

Module 2 Rational Number Concepts

Module 3 Fraction Division

Module 4 Fluency with Multi-Digit Decimal Operations

Unit 2 Ratio and Rate Reasoning

Module 5 Ratios and Rates

Module 6 Apply Ratios and Rates to Measurement

Module 7 Understand and Apply Percent

Unit 3 Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

Module 8 Numerical and Algebraic Expressions

Module 9 Solve Problems Using Equations and Inequalities

Module 10 Real-World Relationships Between Variables

Unit 4 Relationships in Geometry

Module 11 Polygons on the Coordinate Plane

Module 12 Area of Triangles and Special Quadrilaterals

Module 13 Surface Area and Volume

Unit 5 Data Collection and Analysis

Module 14 Data Collection and Displays

Module 15 Measures of Center

Module 16 Variability and Data Distribution

Material Expectations:

Students are expected to use a 3-ring binder (1 inch- not bulky & not fancy) to keep all of their math papers in.  They should always be prepared in math with two or more pencils (mechanical would be best) and two red pens for correcting. They should not throw away any completed math paperwork unless directed to do so by Mrs. Goff.

Main Resource Used For Class:

HMH Into Math Grade 6- this is a workbook where they will write & draw on the pages to become a more confident user of math

(Turn this page over for more information on the backside.)

Math Homework:

Students have math homework MOST nights. It’s super important it’s completed and on time as we correct it as a class at the beginning of each math class.

They generally do not have math homework on days when we have assessments.

It would really help if a parent/adult would sign off on homework below the student’s name, so that I know that parents/adults are helping and/or holding students accountable when it comes to the math homework.

Math homework is corrected at the beginning of almost every math class so students can learn from mistakes immediately which is why turning math in on time is so important.

Into Math Resources for Parents (and Students):

Have your student take you into their online “Into Math.”

Click “Discover” in the top middle of the screen.

In the bottom left, click “Family Resources.”

Students and parents can use other areas of online “Into Math” as resources to learn math more deeply.


Students are MAINLY graded from the module tests that are given at the end of each of the 16 modules. There are also Performance Tasks that may be given and graded at the end of each of the 5 units. Other grades may be taken as well.


Students should do their best to attend school every day for their obvious benefit.  For more attendance information, please refer to the student handbook (

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